Vinyl Windows

  • Numerous Colors and Finish Options to Fit Any Project.

  • Bede's vinyl can be custom finished to appear identical to Aluminum or Wood.

    Numerous Colors and Wood Grain Options to Fit Any Project.

  • Westin Hotel, Napa, CA

    Hotel Westin Napa uses BEDE's woodlike vinyl windows and doors.

  • Wood Grain Detail on a Tilt & Turn Vinyl Window.

    Numerous Colors and Wood Grain Options to Fit Any Project.

  • Clean Seams on Vinyl Window.

    Numerous Colors and Wood Grain Options to Fit Any Project.

Vinyl is unquestionably the "green" trend in the world for the commercial window and door industry.

Vinyl outperforms aluminum and wood when the critical issues of sustainability and conservation of our natural resources are in questions. With the steel reinforcement and thicker then typical vinyl walls Bede is structurally capable of many commercial projects that in the past required aluminum.

BEDE's property vinyl formula is designed to save energy and last 20-30 years longer than wood windows. Never needing to be stained or repainted like their wood counterparts, BEDE vinyl windows prevent harmful chemicals from being introduced into the air or water supplies.

Reinforced vinyl members can often replace thermally inefficient aluminum storefront in many types of structures. Designing with, and installing BEDE's energy efficient vinyl window walls rather than traditional aluminum storefront can save 25-40% of a buildings long term heating and cooling costs.

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Window Types

Crank-Out Casement

Constructed with steel reinforcement, heavy glazing, and dual compression weather tight seals, Bede's stylish casement windows are built to withstand the most extreme conditions, without sacrificing views. All of this and more make Bede's casement windows the standard by which all other casements are compared.

Push-Out Casement

With the option of having no center bar, dual outward swinging sashes allow you to open large wall sections, maximizing your interior space. A friction arm prevents the sashes from opening more than 90 degrees, so the windows can always be operated safely from the inside. The clever mechanism also allows the sashes to be "fixed" to any opening position, when only a little air is desired, or where high winds could potentially damage a fully open sash.

Crank-Out/Push-Out Awning

Becoming more and more popular for today's designers, awning windows have the unique ability to let air in while keeping light rain out. Similar to Bede's casement windows, the awning maximizes your viewing area with seamless, single lite construction. When used in bathrooms, where ventilation and privacy can be an issue, Bede's awning windows can be ordered with several textured glass selections and nearly endless decorative glass options.

Tilt & Turn

The remarkable design of the tilt & turn inward swinging casement window is form and function perfected, yet still remarkably affordable. The ingenious hardware allows the sash to be swung inward, or tilted down, to achieve just the right amount of ventilation, without ever detracting from the view. When "tilted", air is directed upward, eliminating wind gusts, while improving circulation. Dual opening sash systems are available with or without a center meeting stile. Contemporary handle options lend a modern feel to this classic look.


A staple in any architectural design, Bede's picture windows can provide clean aesthetic lines that can be transformed into a centerpiece of your home. With steel reinforcement, thicker glass, and a heavy vinyl wall extrusion, Bede is able to manufacture fixed window sizes that are unmatched in the vinyl window market; Unique shapes, mitered-glass and split finishes all contribute to the versatility and beauty of Bede's aluminum fixed windows.


Rather than riding in a sill pocket where dust and debris collect, Bede's unique sliding windows ride on a raised "self-cleaning" rail, allowing a lifetime of remarkably smooth and maintenance-free operation. Large spans can be covered due to the steel reinforcement and thick vinyl extrusion. Ergonomic handles and a multiple locking point system, combine ease of use with maximum safety.

Vinyl Features

1. Built to Last

Steel reinforced frames and sashes provide added strength, durability and performance for any application.

2. Substantially Thicker Vinyl

The PVC extruded vinyl walls are 30-50% thicker than most competitors, providing additional size capabilities.

3. Standard Sound Barrier Glass

Bede’s standard 1/4" over 3/16" dual glass panes provide superior strength, safety and sound performance.

4. Lower Energy Bills

Standard Low-E dual pane glass coupled with weather tight designs can greatly reduce heating and cooling costs.

5. Cleanest Welds in the Industry

Extra thick vinyl walls allow us to machine route our corners and provide neat and pristine welds unlike other vinyl manufacturers in the industry who offer thin walls which preclude using this technology.

6. Weather-Tight Designs

Bede’s multiple Weather Lock seals provide ultimate temperature retention and protection against adverse weather conditions.

Color and Wood Grain Options

No Longer Limited...

Bede has brought together the most advanced coloring and laminate technology for the application to vinyl window and door systems and now makes them available and affordable to the North American market. No longer limited to simple white and tan colors to choose from, you can now select windows in an assortment of different colors and incredibly lifelike wood grains.

Endless Choices

In addition to its standard color and wood grain options, Bede offer nearly endless choices for custom colors and wood grains. Please contact us or one of Bede’s approved distributors for more information on custom color and wood grain options.

Laminate Colors

Wood Grains

Glass and Grid Options

So many options to choose from....

Bede offers thermally efficient as well as visually attractive windows. See below for several options regarding glass.

Glass Options

Low E Glass:

A special coating applied to regular glass which is designed to increase thermal performance and reduce damaging ultra-violet light transmission.

Tempered Glass:

Heat-treated glass designed to resist breakage.

Laminated Glass:

Thin film that provides added security against flying object penetration.

Art/Colored Glass:

decorative patterns molded into the pane of glass itself.

Textured Glass:

Numerous patterns of textured glass to chose from.

Grid Options

Interior Grids

Interior grids are positioned between the panes of glass in window or door glass.

Interior Grid Options:

5/8 inch Bevelled, 1 inch Bevelled.

Exterior Grids:

Exterior grids are installed on the outside of a pane of window or door glass. Exterior grids are available with a 1 inch Bevelle.

Warranty Information

Very confident of the quality of its products’ due to years of success and award winning customer service, Bede backs its products with a transferable lifetime warranty that we feel is the best in the industry. Countless hours of design engineering and testing of its extrusions and hardware enable Bede to proudly offer the best warranties in the business.

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