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Aluminum Features

1. Thermally Broken Frames and Sashes

Nearly all Bede aluminum sashes and frames are thermally broken using the finest technology available. This advanced technology provides significant energy savings, while maintaining the strength and durability of the aluminum profiles.

2. Best Glass Package in the Industry

Strong enough for commercial use, Bede’s standard 1/4" over 3/16" dual pane glass units are unmatched in the industry. Add strength, safety, and significant noise reduction without adding to your budget.

3. Keyed and Mitred Corners

Contemporary lines and clean mitred corners add to the luxurious design of the Bede systems.

4. Multi-Point Locking Hardware with Weather Tight Designs

Perfectly suited for high rise application, multi-point locks compress multiple rubber gaskets, coupling maximum safety and protection against the elements with incredible security.

5. Standard Kynar Finish

Kynar finish is the highest quality coating in the industry and comes standard on all Bede aluminum orders. The superior Kynar coating is designed to last longer and be impervious to fading or weathering, unlike anodized or powder coated finishes. The coatings are offered in an endless array of colors, as well as custom color matching upon request.

6. Less Maintenance

Higher quality means less maintenance. Whether it’s the Kynar coating, the PVC laminate finish or the high grade European hardware selected for your Bede aluminum products, our high quality standards make normal maintenance less frequent and simple.

Color and Wood Grain Options

No Longer Limited...

Bede has brought together the most advanced coloring and laminate technology for the application to vinyl window and door systems and now makes them available and affordable to the North American market. No longer limited to simple white and tan colors to choose from, you can now select windows in an assortment of different colors and incredibly lifelike wood grains.

Endless Choices

In addition to its standard color and wood grain options, Bede offer nearly endless choices for custom colors and wood grains. Please contact us or one of Bede’s approved distributors for more information on custom color and wood grain options.

Laminate Colors

Wood Grains

Glass and Grid Options

So many options to choose from....

Bede offers thermally efficient as well as visually attractive windows. See below for several options regarding glass.

Glass Options

Low E Glass:

A special coating applied to regular glass which is designed to increase thermal performance and reduce damaging ultra-violet light transmission.

Tempered Glass:

Heat-treated glass designed to resist breakage.

Laminated Glass:

Thin film that provides added security against flying object penetration.

Art/Colored Glass:

decorative patterns molded into the pane of glass itself.

Textured Glass:

Numerous patterns of textured glass to chose from

Tilt In Sash:

Allows easy cleaning of exterior window surfaces from inside (hung windows only.)

Grid Options

Interior Grids

Interior grids are positioned between the panes of glass in window or door glass.

Interior Grid Options:

5/8 inch Bevelled, 1 inch Bevelled.

Exterior Grids:

Exterior grids are installed on the outside of a pane of window or door glass. Exterior grids are available with a 1 inch Bevelle.

Hardware Options

Limitless Options....

The following hardware options are just some of the ways you can customize your window or door hardware and finish with Bede Windows and Doors.

Window Hardware Options

  • Low Profile Horizontal Sliding
  • Standard Horizontal Sliding Window
  • Clamshell Crank
  • Open Clamshell Crankout
  • Coastal Upgrade
  • Locking Lever
  • Manual Casement & Awning
  • Aluminum Tilt & Turn
    This hardware option is for Aluminum windows only.

Door Hardware Options

  • Lift & Glide Interior
  • Life & Glide Exterior
  • Standard Sliding Door
  • Sliding Screen Door
  • Multi-Track Sliding
  • Standard Swing

Swing Door Handle Upgrades

  • Multiple Finish Lever Options
  • Stainless Steel Lever Options
  • Door Plate Options

Warranty Information

Very confident of the quality of its products’ due to years of success and award winning customer service, Bede backs its products with a transferable lifetime warranty that we feel is the best in the industry. Countless hours of design engineering and testing of its extrusions and hardware enable Bede to proudly offer the best warranties in the business.

Vinyl Windows and Doors

Aluminum Windows and Doors

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