Job Summary

Oceanside, CA – 92056
Occupation: Marketing Specialists

Job Description

Collect information and data from competitors regarding similar products and devise customized product and price-comparison models;

Evaluate competitor’s structure and the industry’s trend;

Prepare Competitor analysis Report and submit recommendation to manager.

Analyze sales report and product cost report to make current product-purchasing adjustment to identify and eliminate less profitable and less popular products.

Work with sales team in marketing promotion and sales for the company to external market; summarize and present data reports for future target market penetration.

Collect and analyze customer and industry data to provide valuable insights on customer purchasing behavior,
advertisement effectiveness, market and consumer trends, and competitor strategies as well as to measure marketing performance and support upper management’s business decisions.

Minimum Education Level Required: Master’s Degree

Pay Comments: will discuss with applicant

Hours per week: 40

Shift: Day


please fax your resume to 760-967-1038

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